Why Counselling?

Seeking the help of a counsellor can be an important first step to greater self awareness and to a fuller and more rewarding life. It isn’t always easy but it can be very effective. 

As a qualified counsellor with more than seven years' experience I offer confidential, professional, and non-judgemental counselling in Brockley SE4 and Honor Oak Park, SE23 within an atmosphere of mutual respect. My aim is to create a safe space for you to explore the issues that can make life feel painful or difficult.

Sometimes you have to make the decisions that will enable you to move on. Sometimes it’s more important to fully understand and acknowledge what you really feel about your life. 

People seek the help of counsellors for all kinds of reasons. Are you struggling with feelings of worthlessness or finding it difficult to assert yourself? Do you feel helpless and unable to cope in the face of a new and sudden crisis? Do you feel that life is empty and lacking in meaning? Do close relationships leave you without a sense of depth or intimacy? These are all issues that can be illuminated by the counselling process

Counselling For Depression

Depression is usually characterised by deep feelings of sadness and hopelessness and an inability to find pleasure in life.

Counselling can help you to restore your self-belief by breaking the cycle of  self-destructive thought patterns on which depression depends.

Dealing with Stress

Stress is an increasingly widespread problem. Prolonged and excessive stress can ultimately lead to ‘burn-out’. Burn-out feels as if your resources have been depleted to the point where you’re no longer able to function.

But it is possible to regain control of your life through counselling. The key is using the process to develop the strategies that enable you to cope with the pressure.  That can create the 'breathing space' necessary to negotiate deeper life changes. 

 Couple Counselling

The prospect of seeking couple therapy may seem daunting. I aim to offer a friendly and welcoming space to explore the issues you may be struggling with in your relationship.

Grief and Loss

Loss is an inevitable part of life. To mourn loss is not only natural but essential to the process of healing. Some people find this more difficult than others.

Counselling can help you to explore and to express the feelings around loss that are most difficult for us to acknowledge or to understand. What you may need most is to fully experience your loss in a space where you feel safe and supported.