Healing - A Workshop for anyone facing fertility losses/ involuntary  childlessness

Dates of next Weekend Workshop  

To be confirmed
Sat and Sun 10.00am - 5.00pm

Venue: Jamyang Buddhist Centre, The Old Courthouse, 43 Renfrew Road, London SE11 4NA  

This workshop is for anyone who has experienced infertility, failed fertility treatment, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, premature menopause, secondary infertility, stillbirth, neonatal death, or unwanted childlessness–whatever the cause, including lack of a partner.

The groups aim to continue and develop the innovative work in this field of the therapist, Meredith Wheeler.  The intention is to allow participants to explore their emotions, and to open up the possibility of moving on in their life.
  • Some may need to acknowledge feelings of grief and loss and this can help women to feel lighter and calmer.
  • Sharing feelings and experiences can alter the perspective of participants on their own story. This process can provide clarity for those difficult decisions on what the next step might be.
  • Links may be forged during this process that could form the basis of valuable supportive networks offering a route out of isolation.
The longer term benefits may take various forms:
  • Some people may come to terms with childlessness and decide to stop further treatment. 
  • Some people may decide to undertake further treatment, but in a new spirit.
  • Some people may reconsider the possibility of adoption.
Although the focus of the workshops will be on shared experiences and emotions, there will also be an openness to finding ‘ways in’ to people’s feelings by creating art or using meditation techniques.  The emphasis will be on expression rather than ability - no prior experience is necessary.  Care will be taken to create a safe, compassionate and healing atmosphere.

Fees for London weekend workshop: £240 or £215 Early bird if booked at least three weeks in advance.

Limited spaces available.

Some bursaries for unwaged or low-income individuals. Financial issues should never be the factor preventing anyone from taking part.

Women, men and couples are welcome. Partners are particularly encouraged to attend.

All sexual orientations welcome.

Do call me on tel. 07825 581 148 to ask any questions and you can register your interest  by using the contact form

Quotes from previous attendees

 “I feel so much better after last weekend. My brain has got room to deal with life again and I can talk with other people about their problems without feeling like my head's going to explode! I feel more like the old me again - such a lovely feeling.”

 “It was so good to meet other women in the same situation as me, to talk and empathise, as I’ve felt so isolated and different from friends and family. I think hearing someone else’s story also helps put your own into perspective. Also, when you tell your story and people accept you and don’t judge you, it helps you stop judging yourself.”

“I am me again! I know I can now focus on the future. For the first time in over 2 years I have had a very enjoyable weekend - without feeling like I have my burden of "infertility" clouding my mood. Finally been able to relax - all part of letting go I guess!”

"Thank you so much for organizing and facilitating the workshop. It has helped me a lot to work through the grief and I am now feeling much freer and lighter, as if a huge burden has been taken off my shoulders. It feels as if parts of me have fallen back into place and it is a nice feeling. I worry less about the future and am able to stay more in the present."

 “Just thank you so much to Gill ............a wonderful experience and with wonderful women!”

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