Relationship, Couple and Marriage Counselling in Brockley SE4

There may be certain aspects of your relationship that have started to make you and your partner unhappy. The attempts that you’ve both made to change the situation haven’t proved successful. So you’ve decided that it’s the time to seek professional support.

A certain degree of conflict and disagreement is completely natural and healthy in any relationship. What may provoke a sense of crisis is the feeling that an ongoing conflict has started to become unmanageable or the sensation that your relationship has become ‘’stuck’’ in a recurring or dysfunctional pattern of relating.

At one extreme, separation or divorce may already be on the agenda. What may be needed here is compassionate support in making the transition to your new and different lives as individuals. It may be necessary to let go of difficult and painful feelings before that crucial step can be taken.

On the other hand, you may feel that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with your relationship but that you’re nonetheless committed to deepening it and to strengthening your closeness and intimacy.

Counselling offers you the opportunity to talk things through with an impartial and non-judgemental facilitator.  My aim is to offer a safe space for you to express feelings and discover new ways to interact with and to relate to your partner.  

Issues that can be helped by counselling

As a trained couple therapist I work with couples who may be dealing with some of these issues:

•    Ineffective communication 
•    Anger and frustration
•    Affairs
•    Bereavement
•    Indecision about commitment
•    Life transitions
•    Lack of desire
•    Sexual difficulties
•    Infertility
•    Starting a family 
•    Separation and divorce