Infertility / Childlessness

Women who find themselves unable to have a child at a time of their own choosing can experience a profound life crisis. This is often made worse by isolation because they find it difficult to share their feelings with friends and family. Those around them may also find it difficult to understand or acknowledge the emotions that these women are experiencing.

The impact of infertility on women can include:
  • Feelings of isolation 
  • Low self esteem
  • Intense grief
  • Feeling marginalised   
The impact of infertility on couples can include:
  • Stress on the couple’s relationship
  • A damaging breakdown in communication

How can counselling help?

Women respond to the crisis of infertility in many different ways. What counselling can offer depends very much on the individual. Support can be provided through various difficult decisions: undertaking fertility treatment, considering adoption, beginning to imagine a meaningful life without children. 

The counselling process can also offer a safe space to acknowledge feelings of grief and loss. Self-awareness can be nurtured through the exploration of such feelings.

Group work can often be very useful in this context, providing a network of support from women who are dealing with the same difficulties.